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Three nipple yunomi

Three nipple yunomi

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The most wondrous clay is found in the heart of Lower Carniola region of Slovenia. The clay was instantly named Straža galaxy clay due to its galactic feel after being fired; dark burgundy red base with light cream spots, like stars in nebulas. It was collected near a church, where most likely an older sacred sanctuary stood as the archaeological finds suggested. The shape of the cup with three nipples connects it with the ancient culture of the bronze age and philosophy of trinity: masculine, feminine and neutral. For this yunomi cup only light parts of Straža galaxy clay were used which are gently incorporated into the light grey porcelain base. It is glazed with Turquoise glaze with slight craquelé effect.

Grey porcelain with white sand and Turquoise glaze

2.7 dcl volume

Care guide
Dishwasher safe.
Not safe for microwave. 

Food safe


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